Dr. Gray is an experienced small-animal veterinarian who graduated from Colorado State University in 2002 with a masters in Biology (animal behavior), and in 2006 with a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Since graduation, she has trained extensively with leaders in the specialty fields of veterinary diagnostic ultrasound, applied animal behavior, and shelter medicine/surgery. A general practitioner and relief doctor for over 12 years, Dr. Gray is well-acquainted with the challenges faced by clinicians when trying to practice high quality medicine and surgery within the space, time, and financial constraints of a busy clinic. In starting Wavelength Veterinary Services, she hopes to provide a needed support system for veterinarians in Central Oregon in order to improve their diagnostic efficiency, client satisfaction, patient outcomes, and financial profitability. 

Dr. Gray regularly finds a way to do veterinary work in underserved areas, most recently in Kenya where she assisted in a spay/neuter campaign, helped to teach local veterinarians spay/neuter techniques, and vaccinated dogs for rabies. The November trip was part of a Kenyan government endeavor to eradicate rabies, which is endemic in the canine population there. (If you are interested in supporting these missions, please see www.veterinarytreks.org and www.vidas.org for ways to donate and volunteer.)

In her spare time, Dr. Gray enjoys spending time outside with her human and animal family, which includes two young daughters, a husband, a fluffy but dizzy cat (inner ear issues!), a rescued Mexican street dog, and a ball-obsessed Border Collie.